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Online Registration

In order to bid on auctions or purchase "Maxx Deals" online, you must have an Auctionmaxx account. Registration is free. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid credit card to activate an account. You will be required to choose a username (nickname/handle) with a password and will need to provide your contact/shipping information associated with your credit card. Auctionmaxx does not sell/share your information with anyone (see terms and conditions).

In accordance with Bill 168, Auctionmaxx is obligated to uphold such legislation for their customers, staff and visitors. Aggressive behaviour of any kind, whether it be in person or online via email or social media, will result in the deactivation of your Auctionmaxx account. Those who act in such a manner will be banned from attending our place of business at 200 Bartor Road, North York, Ontario, M9M 2W6. Please help us in creating and maintaining a healthy, safe, work environment for all who attend Auctionmaxx.

Understanding the Online Bidding Process

All auctions begin at $1.00 with no reserves. Bids are accepted in $1.00 increments. Auctionmaxx uses the proxy(automatic) method of bidding, meaning that we will bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount you have indicated (if necessary). The definition of proxy bidding (used by eBay), is stated below.

"Proxy bidding is an implementation of an English second-price auction used on eBay, in which the winning bidder pays the price of the second-highest bid plus a defined increment."

Examples of our bidding process are explained below:

If an auction has no bids, and you enter a maximum bid of $25.00, your current bid is $1.00 and if nobody else bids, you will win the auction for $1.00.
If another bidder bids $15.00, we will automatically increase your bid to $16.00.
If another bidder bids $26.00(or higher), you have been outbid and will be notified via email.

You have the option to increase your proxy bid at any time before the auction for that item ends. Auctionmaxx will never exceed your maximum bid.

If a bid is placed on an item within 2 minutes of the auction closing time, that auction closing time will be extended by 2 minutes.

All items are sold to the highest bidder. In the event that 2 bidders bid the same amount, the first bidder to place their high bid will be the winner of the auction. Auctionmaxx will send the winning bidder an e-mail notifying them that they won the auction. That e-mail will contain all necessary payment and pickup/shipping information.

When we sell a "lot" of items, your bid price is for the whole amount for one price, not times the count. Example - if we are selling 6 of an item and you bid $10, you are bidding $10 for all 6, not $10 for each item (totalling $60).

Please be advised that as new registrants to may be required to submit payment in an alternate form in accordance with our credit card security procedures. If they choose to pay their invoices online, newcomers may have their initial credit card payments refunded and they may be asked to send payment via Paypal or e-transfer for online payments. If customers are picking up, they may be asked to pay in-store instead of online.

Privacy - is my information safe?

Auctionmaxx only uses your information for purposes related to ensuring you have a safe and secure online experience. You will only be contacted by Auctionmaxx. Auctionmaxx does not share your personal information with third parties.

Have a Question Regarding an Item?

You can click the 'Ask a Question' button located on every auction and Maxx Deal listing or email [email protected]. Emails are answered during regular business hours.

What are 'Maxx Deal' items?

Maxx Deal listing is an item available at any time for immediate purchase. These items have the same warranties and payment/pickup polices as auction items.

Methods of Payment

You can pay for your items online with PayPal, Visa Debit, Visa, Mastercard and Discover or you can make payment at time of pickup at our liquidation outlet. We accept Interac, Visa, Mastercard and cash. Please note: All items purchased on or before Wednesday at 11:59 pm must be paid for and picked up by the upcoming Saturday by 3pm. If any item is purchased after midnight on Wednesday, the payment and pickup deadlines are the following Saturday by 3pm (9 days later).

Pickup Information

You have until Saturday by 3pm to remove the merchandise from our premises. When an item has passed the pickup time period we will ship the item(s) to you. Shipping charges will be charged to your credit card on file. If the item is not shippable, the item will be removed from your account and made available for sale on our site again. You will be charged a restocking fee of 10% (minimum $15) of the sale price of the item(s) not shipping, plus taxes. If your account is deactivated for non-payment, we will charge restocking fees for all items on your invoice, in accordance with our restocking fee protocol. We will not be able to reactivate your account until all monies owing are paid in full.

If you have won an Auction or Maxx Deal item that you no longer wish to buy (buyer's remorse), we do allow members to cancel their purchase(s) by paying a restocking fee for each lot they want cancelled (unless stated otherwise in listing comments). This fee is 10% (minimum $15 charge) of the sale price of the item(s) being restocked, plus taxes. This fee must be paid via e-transfer, debit or cash. This fee must be received and staff must acknowledge its receipt before any removal and payment deadlines pass.

Please note that we are unable to separate or combine invoices. Payment and pick up times will be based on the date of oldest item purchased.

For identity verification purposes we will record your ID number at time of pick up. Failure to provide this information will result in account closure and re-posting of items.

Please see Terms and Conditions for additional details.

Shipping Information

Each online auction and Maxx Deal listing contains shipping/pickup information and a shipping fee calculator.
Each listing will state whether the item is eligible to be combined with shipments at a discounted rate. They are stated as follows below:

FREE COMBINED SHIPPING - This item will not incur any additional charges when shipped with any other combined shipping item(s).

$3 COMBINED SHIPPING - This item will incur a fixed $3 shipping fee when shipped with any other combined shipping item(s).

SHIPPING AVAILABLE - This item is not combinable and will not be shipped with any other item(s).

FREE PICKUP ONLY - This item is not able to be shipped. It must be picked up from our warehouse.

We are not responsible for any addtional charges incurred after it has left our premises such as import duties/taxes or additional delivery fees assessed upon delivery.

Multiple invoices are unable to be combined for shipping discounts. We use UPS for shipping and are unable to use buyer's or third party shipping accounts.

Can I use my shipping account?

Unfortunately, we are not able to bill to other parties' accounts.

What does CAD mean?

"CAD" stands for Canadian dollars. Canadian currency is the required form of payment. US funds will need to be exchanged into Canadian dollars in order to complete a transaction. Paypal, our online method of payment, is able to do this for American buyers.

If you require any additional information please contact us at [email protected]!

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